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School Furniture from SCHOOLSRUS

For the past 30 years SCHOOLSRUS have been supplying Educational Establishments with their school furniture needs. We pride ourselves on getting the best possible deals for all our customers.

We supply from Nursery and Early Years through to Primary and Senior Schools all the way up to Colleges and Universities with our high quality ranges.

From Classroom Tables and Classroom Chairs through to Storage Units,  we've got the full range to meet your school's furniture requirements.

If you have any bespoke requirements or just want to know more feel free to contact us either through the chat bot or our contact details below. We'd be happy to help!

Classroom Furniture from SCHOOLSRUS

We have a massive range of sturdy classroom tables and classroom chairs available for all ages. Based on our endorsements (which can be seen on our product pages) from the five largest manufacturers of school chairs in the UK today we can genuinely claim to be one of the largest if not the biggest retailers of school chairs in the UK today.

For the exam season, check out our Exam Desk ranges we have got a number of bulk discounts available.

And for your science labs and art classrooms check out our ranges of lab stools and science and craft tables

For the younger ones, check out our early years ranges including book storage units and nursery tables.

We also have a big range of whiteboards and noticeboards for classroom display and presentation.

And finally, let's not forget about the importance of storage. From drawers to bookcases to lockers take a look at what we have.

Educational Furniture from SCHOOLSRUS

For your general educational needs we have a wide range of high quality furniture for all scenarios.

For your reception and staff room furniture requirements check out our ranges of reception seating.

For your offices check our our ranges of office desks and office chairs.

Finally, for your canteens have a look at our dining tables and canteen benches.